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Most of our companies are formed within 3 to 6 working hours. In some cases it may take longer, subject to Companies House workload.

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Our company formation process is 100% online, without the need for any paperwork, signatures or documents.

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    Companies House Filing Fee Included

There are no hidden fees as Companies House fees for the incorporation of your company are included in all our packages.

   What is required to set up a company?

To register a company limited by shares, you will need a suitable company name, at least one director and one shareholder (both of whom can be the same person) and an address for your company. You must also decide how many shares you wish to issue.

  What are the annual requirements?

A Limited company must file annual tax returns ('corporation' tax returns) with HM Revenue and Customs.It must also file an annual return to Companies House, which is a snapshot of general information about the company.

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Most Convenient Way To Start Your Business Online

A private company limited by shares (LTD or limited company) is the most popular type of company incorporated in the UK. This type of company is owned by shareholders and managed by directors.It can be registered in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Tax Benefit Of A Limited Company

As a limited company you are likely to pay less personal tax than a sole trader. UK corporation tax is currently set at 19%. If you are the director and shareholder of a limited company, you may choose to take a small salary and draw most of your income in the form of dividends and pay less tax than trading as sole trader.

Distinct Legal Entity, Limited Liability

Shareholders' obligation to pay for business debts is restricted to the amount paid for their shares. This means their personal assets – property, car, finances etc. – are secure and cannot be used if the company becomes insolvent.

Limited Company Name Protection

Online filings is an authorised formation agent and we register your limited company directly with Companies House. Therefore, your company name is protected by law. No-one else can use the same name as you, or anything deemed to be too similar.

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Every limited company requires a bank account to start trading. Through our relationship with Barclays we can offer a simple and fast account opening process with 12 months free business banking.

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Open you Business Bank Account using our fast track service, our team of dedicated Business Managers will support you in all aspect of getting your new venture up and running.

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Start Your Limited Company Using a Formation Agent

Online Filings offers entrepreneurs, professional expert advice and assistance to register a company and provide:

Professional Services

Online Filings is a Companies House authorised formation agent and approved filing and secretarial software provider. This means that we have developped our own incorporation software, approved by Companies House which securely sends all your information directly to Companies House.

Fast and Easy Process

We have simplified the formation process by creating a streamlined registration form. Our online digital assistant provides useful tips for a step by step support. Your limited company can be incorporated within a few hours and your new business bank account will be ready within days.

Lifetime Customer Support

Call, email or chat; we’re here for you. We provide help with added services after your business has been incorporated.

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