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London Registered Office and Director Service Address In The Heart of The City. Keep your residential address private and look professional with a London registered office and director service address. Our service includes the scan of all your official letters by our trained staff. Complete a 5 min online form and start using your address today!

  • Scan of all official letters
  • Central London Registered Office
  • Director's Service Address (up to 3)
  • Authorized Formation Agent

How to change your registered office address in a few clicks

1. Select a Registered Office Package
The service is available for entrepreneurs who already have a Limited company or those about to start a new company.

2. Fill out our short simplified application in less than 5 min
No need to fill multiple time consuming forms, our process is 100% online. All paperwork is filed electronically on your behalf with Companies House to let them know about your new Central London Address (EC2)."

3. Your registered office and director service address change is completed
Companies House will take on average 48 hours to process the changes, once approved, you will be notified by email. A VAT invoice and a copy of your digital documents will be sent to you .

Where is the registered office located

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a registered office address?

Your registered office address is where official communications will be sent, for example letters from Companies House, HMRC or any other government agency.The address must be:
- a physical address in the UK
- in the same country your company is registered in, for example a company registered in Scotland must have a registered office address in Scotland.

A company’s registered office address is shown on the public register, available to everyone.

All companies are legally required to display the registered office address on business correspondence such as letters and the business website.

By virtue of Section 86 of the Companies Act 2006, every company must always have a registered office in the UK, even if it carries on its business from abroad (or just sells products online rather than from a physical location).

What is a director service address?

When a company is incorporated, a director must include their residential address and a service address. Directors do not have to live in the UK, but directors must provide a service address (or ‘correspondence’ address) in the UK, which will also be publicly available. Director's residential address will remain private.

Many of our clients choose to use our professional directors service address which allows them to use our prestigious London address as their directors service address. This will prevent their home address from showing on the public record (keep their home address confidential) and will look professional from prospective clients eyes. All statutory post from Companies House and HMRC will be scanned and forwarded free of charge.

What document will I need to provide to benefit from the service?

Online Filings Ltd is licenced by HMRC and thereforewe comply with the anti-money laundering regulations and our obligations to "know your customer". All clients will provide proof of their identity and proof of address.

For non UK resident clients - both the proof of ID and proof of residential address documents must be notarised by a Public Notary and accompanied by the relevant official stamp and signature.

You will be required to upload these after checkout. The service will remain suspended until the documents are correctly supplied.Your account will not be active until we receive your documents. You should not start to use your service until you receive approval confirmation by email.

Why would I want to use the Registered Office and Service Address service?

Many directors, company secretaries and shareholders only have one address - their residential address - so this is the address they use as their service address at Companies House. This means that their residential address is shown on the public record at Companies House and online on a variety of websites. By using Online Filings' Registered and Service Address service, directors, company secretaries and shareholders can keep their residential address confidential as our London EC2 address will be shown instead of their residential address.

Who can use this service?

This service can only be used by companies that are incorporated in England & Wales, or are in the process of planning to incorporate a company in this jurisdiction. Companies that have been formed either in Scotland (SC) or Northern Ireland (NI) are required to have a registered office in the same country as where they are registered.

What is the difference between a registered office and a business address?

As the official address of your company, only statutory mail from government agencies is delivered to the registered office. A business address, on the other hand, is used as a contact point for all other kinds of correspondence from clients, suppliers and other third parties.

Companies that operate in different areas of the UK and/or overseas may have multiple business addresses to establish a presence in each of these places. There is no legal requirement to have a business address that matches your registered office. Online Filings does offer however in addtion to the registered address and service address a business address service.


From our business users

  • customer review
    Lee Ratcliff
    1 review

    5 stars    Invited

    Excellent process for me.
    This process was extremely easy and something that I thought would be difficult, when I sent a question it was answered within hours and further more my registration was set up in 36 hours.

    3 days after first filing

  • customer review
    Mark Thomas
    2 reviews

    5 stars    Invited

    First class service
    First class service, did exactly what was promised and even agree to refund initial fee if they could not deliver. thank you

    2 days after first filing

  • customer review
    4 reviews

    5 stars    Invited

    Very easy to use
    Very easy to use, quick clear confirmation e mail sent.

    8 days after first filing

  • customer review
    Katrina Stothers
    1 review

    5 stars    Invited

    Quick and simple
    Quick, simple and on line guidance is great.

    3 days after first filing