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Change Your Company Activity (SIC Code) in 5 min. Our service includes the filing of Companies House forms as well as all other paperwork necessary to change the business activity (SIC code) of your limited company

  • No paper forms or signature
  • Fully Managed Same Day Processing
  • Approved Secretarial software

Change your limited company details using OnlineFilings services

1. Find your company in Companies House register
Find the company for which you want to Change the details and select the change(s) that you want to operate.

2. Fill out our short simplified application in less than 5 min
Make multiple changes (eg: remove director or add business activity) all at once No need to fill multiple time consuming forms, our process is 100% online. All paperwork is filed electronically with Companies House.

3. Your limited company details change is completed
Companies House will take on average 48 hours to process the changes, once approved, you will be notified by email. A VAT invoice and a copy of your digital documents will be sent to you.

Use Online Filings to Change the Activity of your Limited Company

Use Our Companies House Approved Secretarial Software to Change the activity of your Limited Company Online

Professional Services
Online Filings is a Companies House authorised formation agent. This means that we have developed our own Secretarial Software, approved by Companies House which securely sends all your information directly to Companies House.

Fast and Easy Process
To process your limited Company Activity Change, you will just need to provide us with your director authentication code. From your personal dashboard, you will be able to remove or select your new activity in minutes.

Lifetime Customer Support
Call, email or chat; we’re here for you. We provide help with added services after your change of address has been filed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code?

A Standard Industrial Classification code or SIC code is a 5-digit code and describes the main business activity of a company.
This provides Companies House, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and other government bodies with a comprehensive framework of data and insight into UK businesses and industries.
Even if your company is dormant (99999) or non-trading (74990) you'll still need to provide the appropriate SIC code.

How many SIC codes does my company need?

The vast majority of companies select a single SIC code which they feel describes the nature of their business. However, you can choose up to four SIC codes, so if a single code just can’t on its own describe what the company does, you can choose to include more than one.

Why Would You Need to Change Your SIC Code?

There are many reasons why you may want to change your SIC code:

- Your principal business has changed
- You entered the wrong SIC code when you established your company. This is easy to do if your business carries out multiple forms of work. And many of these SIC codes are extremely vague.
- Your business has expanded and you want to incorporate new SIC codes into your company. You can actually have up to four industrial SIC codes.


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