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Register a Limited Company the easy way.

We are the UK's preferred formation agent, making Ltd. company registration simple for everyone. Company set-up packages start from £12.99, no hidden costs.

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Getting started with your limited company


STEP 1: Choose a company name

Settled on a company name? Use our name search to query the Companies House database and find out whether it is available.


STEP 2: Choose a company type and the right tools

We can help you create a dormant company, an active limited companies or a non-profit company. And our subscriptions give you the services you need to run your company efficiently.


STEP 3: Provide your company details

Supply the necessary details to get your company registered. This includes a description of what your business does, and details about directors and shareholders.


STEP 4: Manage your company with confidence

Use our dashboard to make annual and as-needed filings, including confirmation statements and financial accounts.

Set up your new business online in minutes

Questions & Answers

What is a limited company?

A limited company is a legal business structure in the UK where the company's liability is limited to the value of its shares.

It is a separate legal entity from its owners (shareholders), allowing it to enter contracts, own assets, and be responsible for its debts independently.

Limited companies provide the advantage of limited liability protection to shareholders, ensuring their personal assets are not at risk in case of financial issues or legal disputes.

What are the benefits of being a limited company?

Limited companies provide limited liability protection, safeguarding personal assets of shareholders from company debts.

All business financial transactions are separate from the business owners.
Another benefit is commercial credibility: other companies are more likely to be interested in working with a limited company.

In some industries, it is even impossible to trade if you are not a limited company.

Limited company status is also necessary to allow outside investors to buy shares in your company.

What is the difference between directors and shareholders?

Directors manage the company's day-to-day operations and decision-making, while shareholders are owners who hold shares and have voting rights but are not involved in daily management, with their liability limited to the value of their shares.

In most small businesses, the shareholder and the director is the same person. Companies House requires shareholders of a limited company to have at least one share, but there is no upper limit to the number of shareholders held by a shareholder.

The value of each share can be as little as £1.

When can I start trading?

Once your limited company is incorporated, you can start trading immediately.

It typically takes one business day to incorporate a company, with the process beginning when you fill out the online registration form and your application is submitted to Companies House.

You’ll know your company is registered when you receive an email with your Company Number, Incorporation Certificate and Authentication Code.

Manage your filings from your phone

  • Companies House and HMRC filings

    Our all-in-one platform lets you easily register for VAT and PAYE. Check in on your filings whenever you like on your personal dashboard.

  • Multi-channel customer service

    Getting in touch couldn't be easier. Our experts will answer your questions in Live Chat or over the phone.

  • Upload documents in seconds

    Your personal dashboard makes uploading documents simple. And we keep everything in one place - so you'll have no difficulty finding your docs later.

  • Jargon-free forms

    We're big believers in plain English. Our forms combine everyday language with intuitive layouts, so you'll never be in doubt about what to do next.


Set up your new business online in minutes

All the right tools to get your business going

Secure your privacy with a virtual office address

Setting up a company under your home address, or even your genuine office address, comes with various risks.

It makes you and other directors easy to identify via the Companies House listing, potentially making you a target for fraudsters.

Our solution is to register your business to our London address, and digitise your mail so that you can easily access it through your personal dashboard. No paper, no problem.

Support whenever you need it

We understand that company administration isn’t always the simplest task.

Fortunately, our filing whizzes are on hand to give you the help you need – whether it relates to the filings process, navigating your personal dashboard, or how to update your account details.

Access support from 9-6 GMT through Live Chat, email or our customer service hotline.

Growing something good

Start a business, help the planet. We’re planting a tree for every company created with Online Filings, helping offset the estimated 25.8 million tonnes of CO2e emitted by UK small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • We’re planting trees in the UK as well as overseas
  • We plant a tree when you register a company with Online Filings, and an additional tree for every month you stay subscribed
  • Our tree-planting partner, Carma, works with the Green Task Force to help veterans on a path to meaningful employment

Set up your new business online in minutes