Appointment and Resignation of Company's Director in 5 min

Our service includes the filing of Companies House forms as well as all other paperwork necessary to appoint or resign a company director and keep your company records up-to-date and compliant.

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Fully managed same day processing
Companies House fee included
Resignation or Appointment letters
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How to appoint and/or resign a company Director?

1. Find your company in Companies House register

Find the company for which you want to appoint and/or resign a company Director and choose a package that's right for you.

2. Fill out our short simplified application in less than 5 min

Select one of our package then fill out our short 100% online application. We'll file the required form electronically with Companies House to appoint or resign a director.

3. Your Director Appointment or Resignation is completed

Companies House will take on average 48 hours to process the changes, once approved, you will be notified by email and a VAT invoice and a copy of your digital documents will be sent to you

Find your company by name or number

Use Online Filings to appoint or resign your company director

Use Our Companies House Approved Secretarial Software to Appoint or Remove a Director For Your Limited Company Online.

Professional Services

Online Filings is a Companies House authorised formation agent. This means that we have developped our own software, approved by Companies House which securely sends all your information directly to Companies House.

Fast and Easy Process

To proceed your director appointment or resignation, you will just need to provide us with your company number and authentication code as well as the details of the new director to appoint or the name of the director to remove.

Lifetime Customer Support

Call, email or chat; we’re here for you. We provide help with added services after your confirmation statement has been filed.

Find your company by name or number

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to provide to appoint a new director?

- Full Name
- Date of Birth (Minimum 16 years of age)
- Occupation
- Nationality
- Residential Address
- Service Address (residential or other address)
- Appointment Date

What is a company director’s role?

Directors are appointed by the owners of a company (shareholders or guarantors) to ‘direct’ the day-to-day activities of the company on their behalf. They are responsible for ensuring the smooth running and management of a company by adhering to all legal and contractual requirements, and making the company successful and profitable.

How many directors does a limited company require?

Every limited company must have at least one director. If a limited company has only one director, that director must be a natural person.

Are directors also shareholders?

Directors do not have to be shareholders. Their role is to run the company, so there is no requirement to also be an owner if they do not wish to be; however, if existing shareholders do want to offer shares to the directors, this is perfectly acceptable and fairly common.

Find your company by name or number